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Tiziano was nominated by Laura Pausini to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, an initiative to raise money to fight ALS, a currently incurable and deadly disease. He nominated politicians Matteo Renzi, Silvio Berlusconi and Beppe Grillo in turn.


The first two clues have been posted, last week’s was old things and this week it’s new things, accompanied with this photo.

According to Google Plus it’s actually an old picture taken three years ago when he was in LA to record L’amore è una cosa semplice. So I wouldn’t analyze it too much, it’s unlikely there are any hidden messages.

The wait continues!

Tiziano just announced that over the next four weeks they’ll be giving us hints as to what the new album will contain. Exciting!!

This is “Non aver paura mai”, a song on Michele Bravi’s new album that Tiziano wrote. It’s amazing!

Edit: I’ve seen some people claim that the background vocals are Tiziano’s, but both Michele and the producer (Michele Canova, I’m sure you know him) have said that they aren’t.

Tiziano’s coming back very very soon! Prestissimo! To make this summer a scorching hot one.

Another month has gone by with few sightings and not much news.

A few weeks ago he was spotted at Roma Tre University to attend the graduation of his brother Flavio. A few lucky students managed to get a pic with him. That week he also attended an event in Latina about violence against women.

Then there was some teasing about the new album. His manager Fabrizio tweeted that we need to be a bit more patient, but that the wait will be worth it. On his Facebook they finally finished the album countdown that seemed to lead up to some kind of announcement, though so far there’s been nothing of the kind. And then today his team confirmed that next month he will be in the US (presumably with his producer Michele in Los Angeles) to work on the album.

So when is it coming? If I had to guess I would say new single in August and album in September, similar to Alessandra’s release schedule last year. Hoping it’ll come a bit earlier though, it’s been a while since he was responsible for the summer’s tormentone. The last one was “Indietro” in 2009. And he’d be foolish not to return with something youthful and uptempo.

Anyway, the wait continues. Hope you all have other great music to keep you occupied. Currently, for me it’s Indila.

Last weekend Tiziano was in Rome to support his country’s rugby union team at their last Six Nations match. He seemed to be in a good mood, smiling in many pics with fans, and he also met up with Baby K.

In other news, his website has received a much needed makeover, and on his Facebook page they are currently going through his albums one by one. Perhaps a countdown of some sort? We’ll know in a few days!

Elisa’s tour has started, and Tiziano appears on the big screens during their song! In an interview she said he will be there in person at an upcoming date, but she didn’t specify which one.

Made a new version of Tiziano’s music video history!

Happy birthday to Tiziano who turns 34 today! He posted a picture on Facebook which was probably taken last year, but it’s hard to tell. I don’t think he is in Los Angeles right now.

He says “I want to thank you all for the wonderful messages, gifts and letters that I’m receiving. A birthday surrounded by love is certainly a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Back to work now!!! :)”

Tiziano’s manager Fabrizio tweeted today that pre-production of the album has begun. Not sure whether to take this as good news, because it means the actual release of the album could still be quite far away. And I’d rather have it in June than in November.

He also tweeted “BASTA DUETTI…….” when a fan suggested a duet with Alessandra Amoroso, so I guess we can assume that unlike 2013, 2014 will not be a very collaborative year. Don’t mind that at all!

Yesterday the news broke that Tiziano’s appeal against his sentence for tax evasion was rejected and he will have to pay millions of euros. Naturally the Italian media and the people jumped all over it, cause if there’s one thing they despise it’s a tax evader. Unfortunately the articles are more slanderous than informative so it’s not easy to figure out what exactly he was accused of and whether he really did something wrong. I did some research and here’s what I found out.

First of all, I was curious about the notion that the UK is somehow a “tax haven” compared to Italy, as the UK is also known for having high taxes. Apparently the UK has a tax loophole for "residents who are not domiciled", also called non-doms. If you’re a tax resident of the UK, but you are not domiciled, meaning the UK is not your home country and you do not intend to stay there permanently, then you only have to pay taxes on the income generated within the UK and on income “brought into” the UK. So foreign income and assets that stay foreign are not taxed. This is all legal. But you do have to actually be in the UK for 183 days or more to be considered a tax resident. Tiziano was accused of not spending more than half of his time in the UK, because he was always touring and doing promo in Italy. He’s not been able to prove that he was in the UK long enough, which explains the sentence and the rejected appeal. (In cases like these you have to prove your innocence, rather than the state having to prove your guilt.)

As a fan this is a tough pill to swallow because there’s no way he moved to the UK intending to evade taxes, yet that’s the picture being painted right now. They’re actually saying his UK home was “fictitious” and that his move there had “clear evasive intent”. For those of us who are familiar with his life and his diaries, a calculated move like that is unimaginable. We know he is a simple guy who has never shown any kind of greed or desire to amass millions. He’s never done any commercial endorsements, never been “the face” of some kind of product. We know he left his beloved Italy (first to Mexico, then to the UK) because it was too difficult for him to be around family and friends, too difficult to always be recognized everywhere. We know he is a good person who would never willingly break any kind of law. But I kind of understand the other side as well. If you don’t know anything about him, or you just don’t like him, it’s easy to tear him down. And with the Italian economy being as bad as it is, everyone loves a scapegoat. This loophole is a pretty ridiculous one, and it doesn’t seem like one that you’d inadvertently jump into.

Unfortunately we only have bits and pieces of information, and I doubt we’ll ever know the full story. We don’t know if he even used this loophole. We don’t know what his financial situation is really like. And we shouldn’t, that’s his business. What we do know is that the more money you have, the more difficult it becomes to file your taxes properly. He might have trusted the wrong people, listened to incompetent tax consultants. In the end Tiziano himself is responsible for what happened, and all we can say is he should’ve been more careful. But there are many, many things he should’ve done differently during that dark period (2006-2009). We are lucky he even survived it.

He’s just one of many known tax evaders in Italy, and it’s never really killed anyone’s career, so hopefully he will rise above it and release music that’s amazing enough to make people forget. No release date has been confirmed, but I’d say spring is the perfect time.

Come back soon, Tiziano! We are with you, always.

ETA: I found some reports that there will be another appeal, so it seems the battle still isn’t over.

Baby K’s new music video for “Una Seria” has a few clips of Tiziano near the end. Cute!

Here Elisa and Tiziano fondly remember an English version of “Rosso Relativo” that she wrote that was never released. Elisa says that it was horrible, while Tiziano says that it was really great. From the bit he sang, I think he’s just being nice! This is from a special about Elisa that aired this week.